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Thread 2: Appropriate Plate Selection
Appropriate Plate Selection
In the last thread we suggested ideas for eye-pleasing food pairings.  You have worked your magic, and now the food is ready to be served!  The size, shape, and color of the plates you use is an important aspect of presentation.  By following these easy tips, your presentation will look polished and professional! 

·        Size – Choose a plate which allows for enough room for the food, but doesn’t leave too much empty white space.  The plate should neither appear empty, nor crowded.  It is recommended to leave at least ½” between food and the rim of the plate. 

·        Shape – Consider using small bowls or cups to hold food items with a lot of juice or sauce.  This contains the liquid so that it doesn’t run on to other food on the plate.  Small cups can also hold toppings to allow diners to dress food with toppings to their taste (See Fig. 1)

·        Color – White dishes allow food to be the main focus.  However, transparent, colorful or patterned plates can add some fun when used thoughtfully!  (See Fig. 2)

·        Clean Plate – Always start with a clean, dry plate, free of smudges or water marks. 

[Image: Baked Potato TARGET.JPG]                                          [Image: Berries n Bananas TARGET.JPG]
Fig 1.  Baked Potato with toppings                                              Fig 2.  Berries 'n Bananas
(butter and sour cream/green onions)                                         The transparent glass dish is a pretty,                
Items fill the plate nicely, and the small                                       simple way to present fruit differently.
cups hold toppings for custom                                                    Separate, small dishes are recommended 
dressing.                                                                                  when items are not intended to touch
                                                                                               other foods on the plate.                                                                                      

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