Powerful Menu Features

A 5-Star Dining Experience for your Residents

The Complete Dietary Management Solution


  • Menus are written to control food costs and we track them very closely
  • We provide a list of items that gives exact amounts of foods needed for the week, adjusted for the recipes chosen and production amount put in for each recipe

Cost Effective

  • Know the cost per resident, per meal or per item to meet your budget
  • Use shopping lists and production sheets that reduce waste, save time, effort and money
  • Grove Menus helps your staff improve knowledge, skill, motivation and productivity

Choice Packed

  • Make meals that residents choose and love
  • Choose substitute recipes from pull-down lists, or add new recipes as needed
  • Easily adapt menu to seasonal, regional, local or corporate preferences


  • Dietitian approved menus include a nutritional breakdown for regulatory compliance
  • Included recipe extensions let you easily manage special diets


  • All the tools, data and expertise to close your food production loop
  • A comprehensive and refined solution built on 20 years of tailoring to customers just like you
  • A vast and varied collection of integrated recipes, rich in quality and taste

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