Save $9.27 per Resident per Month


Menus are written to control food costs and we track them very closely. Production numbers can be adjusted per recipe.

Ordering List

We provide a list of items that gives exact amounts of foods needed for the week, adjusted for the recipes chosen and production amount put in for each recipe.


The program gives an estimated cost per serving for each recipe, and then gives an estimated total for each meal and each day.

Simplify Production


The recipes scale to your resident count or number of desired servings so you know exactly how much to produce. No more guesswork.

Diet Extensions

We provide a spreadsheet showing diet extensions for each menu item for the day, helping your staff adjust correctly for doctor's diet orders.

Trayline Cards

For those nursing home facilities needing tray cards, we provided a printable tray card system that integrates with the menu.

Increase Resident Satisfaction


We have been writing menus for assisted living facilities of all kinds for over 20 years. We know what works and what doesn't work for your residents.

Recipe Database

We are very picky about the recipes we use because the success of your menu begins with a good recipe. Many of our users send us tried and true recipes that their residents love.

Editing the Menu

You know your residents and regional preferences better than we do. That is why we give you the ability to easily make changes to the menu.

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