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Helpful Tips

Fiber is the new Black

Overeating is something a lot people struggle with. Here is a great tip for taking control. When preparing and eating your meals, have lots of vegetables, and eat them first. As you do, those beautiful, fiber-ful vegetables will fill you while "costing" you very few calories, leaving you less prone to eating too much of the other foods. Yet, another great reason to eat your veggies!

A Bit Bashful

Usually bright and deeply colored fruits and vegetables are the most "loaded" however, there is one exception you should know of - Cabbage (I am not talking about Red or Purple Cabbage). It has minimal calories, but packs a major nutritional punch as it is rich in Vitamins K and C, an excellent source of fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. It is also well endowed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Cabbage should be one of your best friends!

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A Little Break: We hope your 4th of July was enjoyable, safe, and memorable. Our next major holiday isn't until September when we will celebrate Labor Day. In the mean time, enjoy national Blueberry and Watermelon month (July) and national Peach month (August).

Along with Father's Day Came Summer: June 21st was important day, but while Father's Day is done, Summer is here to stay. The Menu's are also in full swing. We hope you have using the wide variety of now cheaper melons and berries. It is a beautiful time of year with all the produce to show for it!

What's in a name?: Do you want to call dinner "supper" or lunch "dinner"? Now on the settings tab, you can rename meals and how the name will appear on your menus, production sheets, and extensions.