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Succulent Strawberries

Have you noticed the big, juicy strawberries stocking your local grocery stores? They are ripe, and prices are low; now is the time to enjoy this amazing treat. Just one pound of strawberries is a mere 150 calories and is rich in potassium and vitamin C. While it is good to exercise moderation in all things, maybe that doesn't apply to strawberries at this time of year!

And Oldie but a Goodie

Nobody uses the whole brown sugar bag at once. To keep it from clumping, put it in an airtight container and add a piece of bread to it. Switch the bread out once a month or so and you will have soft, delicious, sugar for your baked goods and creations!

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What are some of the variables that help you plan the best menu for your situation? One size does NOT fit all.

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Spring Menu is Now Live: We want to clear up any confusion and simply and clearly tell you it is now up and viewable. Starting April 12th you'll enjoy the shift of seasonal menus; Spring is here along with all her flavors. Bon Appetit!

Regarding his mother, President Abraham Lincoln said:: "All I am or can be I owe to my angel Mother." Does this touch your heart the same way it touches ours? We tried to capture this essence in our mother's day meals coming May 10, 2014.

What's in a name?: Do you want to call dinner "supper" or lunch "dinner"? Now on the settings tab, you can rename meals and how the name will appear on your menus, production sheets, and extensions.