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Did you use the whole onion?

You can store your onions for up to six months without freezing by wrapping your onions separately in paper towels or foil and storing in your refrigerator.

Vitamin C Power House

If you guessed that 1 cup of red pepper has the most Vitamin C, you are right. It has twice as much as an orange! After the Pepper, is Broccoli, then the delicious, juicy orange. Whether you eat a pepper, broccoli, or an orange, eating the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables will have you well on your way to health and wellness!

Vitamin C and the common cold

Around 1970 Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling published a book about cold prevention using mega doses of Vitamin C. While widely studied and somewhat inconclusive, we still need Vitamin C in our daily diet. Without looking it up, what contains more Vitamin C: an orange, 1 cup of red pepper, or 1 cup of broccoli? *Answer coming next week*

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What are some of the variables that help you plan the best menu for your situation? One size does NOT fit all.

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An Old Irish Proverb States: It's easy to halve the potato where there's love. Yes, we love you, but we won't make you share your potato - we will give you your own! Our festive St. Patrick's Day menu will be traditional, and fun. Coming March 17th!

Do you know what day it is?: Sometimes it's tricky keeping everything straight in our minds, the date included. To make it a little easier, we have added what week of the rotation we are in to the bottom right hand corner of the menu's page. You won't have to wonder any more!

Snacks are Available 3 x a Day: Activate this feature on the "settings" tab. Now, any/all individual snacks can be added or removed.

You Can Take Control: You can now adjust the size of font on your weekly menu. Take a minute to experiment with what you like!