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Helpful Tips

Pucker Those Lips

Fresh Lemons can really liven up a recipe but getting all the juice out can sometimes be a challenge. There are a lot of fancy tools for the job, but if you don't have them, try a sturdy pair of fixed salad tongs instead. Cut the lemon like normal, then wedge it between the arms of the tongs and squeeze the open end together. It should make your juicing job much easier, just don't forget to catch the seeds with your free hand!

Fat Finale

We hope you have learned a bit about what kind of fats are good and bad for you. If you can't remember anything else, stick with this rule of thumb: If its liquid or soft at room temperature its good fat choice. If it is solid it's bad fat choice. So things such as cheese, butters/margarines and animal fats are bad for you. While oils derived from nuts, fruits and vegetables are good for you. Obviously this isn't a fool proof rule and there is always exceptions to it, but use it as a general guide and you shouldn't go too far wrong.

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3rd Sunday in June: "This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments - and you get the tears at the end, too." - Harlan Coben - Mark your calendars for Father's Day on June 21st!

Spring Menu is Now Live: We want to clear up any confusion and simply and clearly tell you it is now up and viewable. Beginning April 12th you have hopefully enjoyed the shift of seasonal menus; Spring is here along with all her flavors. Bon Appetit!

What's in a name?: Do you want to call dinner "supper" or lunch "dinner"? Now on the settings tab, you can rename meals and how the name will appear on your menus, production sheets, and extensions.