Grove Menus Point of Sale (POS)

The Grove Menus Point of Sale (POS) system is fully integrated with our other products. This means that all daily, static, restaurant style, specials, and any other menu items you use in Grove Menus will, in real time, be synced with the POS. The production data and resident information from Grove Menus will also sync automatically. This means a simpler experience and greater flexibility to make changes on the fly.

The POS allows users to take orders table side, at the register, from a resident’s room, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

No Set Up Fees

  • The Point of Sale is easy to get started with. There is no big installation or setup necessary. Everything can be done via a phone, tablet, or computer. The system can be used with or without a ticket printer. If you use a ticket printer, we make it easy to connect it to the app. The training and set up process is done over the phone or a zoom call. We can have you up and running in less than an hour.

Small Monthly Fee

  • No need for large contracts and big payments. With a system that is seamless and easy to use we charge a simple flat $200/month maintenance fee.

Full Integration with the Menus

  • Unlike other Point of Sale systems, ours is built on top of the menu. This means that everything is connected in real time and there is no need to manually input menu items or worry about errors between systems.

Hardware Costs

  • The system works on both Android and Apple tablets and phones. A ticket printer can be used but is not required.
  • Average hardware costs per facility is less than $2000.


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