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I don't like what is on the menu, how do I change it?
You can edit your menu in one of two ways:

1) Week at a time.  Click on the "edit menu" tab (look at the upper left hand corner of the screen...2nd tab over).  Once you click on the "edit menu" tab, your menu will open up for the week.  To the right of each recipe you will see a down arrow.  When you click on the down arrow, the current selected recipe will pop open and you can see the details of that recipe.  At this point you will also have the option to change the current selected recipe.  There will be a list of alternative recipes to consider.  Hover your mouse over each recipe and the details of the recipe will pop open.  If you like a particular recipe, click on that recipe and it will become your recipe of choice.

Sometimes when you click on the down arrow, you will see "no option" as a choice and/or a search bar (a rectangle box with a picture of a magnifying glass to the right).   You can then at this point select "no option" (which means you don't want that particular category on your menu) or you can search the database and pick anything you want from the database.  Simply click on the search bar and start typing what you want.  It will search the database in that category for all of the recipes that have that name in its title.  All of the changes you make will automatically be saved when you are editing a week at a time.

If you don't see "no option" and/or the search bar in a particular category it means you are on a template that is dietitian approved.  The program will assure that the combination of options you pick will be valid so to maintain that signature.  If you find that a particular combination of options doesn't work for you send an email to and explain the details of your situation and the dietitian can review it and get back to you.

2) Day at a time.  From the main screen, under each day is a button name "Edit Day".  When you click on that button you can edit that particular day.  All of the discussion items above are valid for editing a day at a time.  The "Edit Day" button will toggle to "Save Day".  Make sure you click on "Save Day" after you edit your menu.

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