Healthy & Happy Residents

Communities that use Grove Menus invest in the vitality and health of their residents. They report that their residents are happier and healthier.

The Grove Menus Difference
  • Dietitian Approved
  • Menu Focused
  • Seasonal and varied
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Commitment to Good Taste, Quality and Nutrition.

We understand that meals are one of the most important elements for adult communities.  That is why many quality independent living, assisted living, nursing home, and group homes are teaming up with Grove Menus to provide food that tastes delicious and is nutritionally sound.  Each of our menus is designed by registered dietitians.

Finding the perfect residence for your family member or loved one is a pressing matter.  Seeing the value a facility places on nutrition can help in making the decision.

“There is No Substitute for Quality Nutrition”
Increases in Overall Health

“Two of six residents with hypertension saw significant decreases in blood pressure levels and associated symptoms. Three have seen cholesterol and triglyceride levels drop.”

- Grove Menus User
Delicious & Seasonal Menus

Our menus are seasonal and varied. We continually seek improvement and perfection. We often incorporate recipes from residents and encourage you to submit your favorites.

Sample Menus & Recipes

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